What gets measured gets changed

I’m working with a raw milk, grass fed, dairy farm client on metrics for his organization.  He’s keen on developing Metrics to help run his organization—here’s some rules for you to use when creating metrics for your organization that I’ve developed from 20+ years and nearly 100 businesses that I’ve developed metrics for:
Five Rules of metrics:
a)      SIMPLE:  Keep it simple/easy to do and not more than 10.
b)      DO IT!  Just do it-daily.
c)       SO WHAT?: Change it if it’s not telling you (and everyone else in your company) something, but don’t stop doing it.
d)      POST IT: Post it for everyone to see.
e)      What’s GOOD/BAD:  You have to have something to compare it to, yesterday, last week, last month, last year, budget (not all but some of these).

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