Ted’s Rule #1: Never write/record anything you don’t want on the front page of the New York Times

Never write or record anything that you don’t want on the front page of the New York Times.

With the convenience of voice mail, email and texting, we are now able to communicate even when we can’t reach someone by phone or in person.  While that convenience has huge advantages in getting things accomplished faster, there are some potential pitfalls to these methods of communication. Consider how easy is it for an email or voice mail to be misconstrued as the recipient does not have the advantage of hearing your voice or seeing your body language.  Being misunderstood can wreak havoc on relationships, whether with employees, vendors, customers or investors.  So think before you type/record and you will reduce the likelihood of these misunderstandings.  At worst, you could find yourself in legal trouble.  Recognize that anything you put in writing or on a recording is “discoverable” in a lawsuit, so if you’re not sure you want it memorialized for eternity, don’t write it or leave it on a voice mail.

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