You’re a busy executive and the most valuable tool in your tool box is people. Finding the right person is very time consuming, and has grave business consequences if you select the wrong person (wasted time and money) and exponential advantages if you select the right person. While running your business, you feel that finding people becomes a second or third item on the daily list, but you know, should without a doubt, be number one above all others.


  • Too general job descriptions
  • Can’t find good candidates
  • High quantity of low value applications
  • Need to fire, how to know?
  • Afraid to fire, who will do it?


We all know that no single person is equally well-equipped for every task in a business. The good news is that carefully chosen and trained employees can take your business places you couldn’t take it on your own. Let us help you determine what skill sets and personality types would most benefit your organization. Then leave it to JRI to bring you the best candidates available. We work with Talentoid, an organization that combs the internet for potential applicants using a much more comprehensive search techniques than a traditional recruiter. Far beyond looking at resume sites like “Monster”, Talentoid’s process scrapes those ‘hard to reach’ areas of the web to bring you people you otherwise would not find.

Tools we use

  • Search, filter and qualify applicants
  • Manage the recruiting process
  • Job descriptions & expectations
  • Performance compensation planning
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
If you don’t hire the right person, you may not know, but if you hire the wrong person, you’ll know.

Your Next Steps

Focus on people, then let the people focus on your business.

  1. Prioritize the need for experts not generalists
  2. Plan your growth in stages, with people being step one
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