Interim C-Level Executive


Titles are important; experience and vision are critical. Any business could always use more of both. It is often impossible to be successful wearing more than one hat; that of visionary (CEO), process expert (COO), and financial disciplinarian (CFO) may often seem at odds with each other.


  • You spend more than 50% of your day reacting
  • You make decisions from your gut
  • Your business feels like a ‘House of Cards’
  • You have too many numbers and too little meaning
  • You are accomplishing less and less
  • You have lost either your vision or the path to reach it


The critical C-level positions require focused, talented, hard-working people. Business can suffer from this wearing of too many hats – either poor decisions are made or opportunities are missed due to inertia stemming from chaos. That feeling of not being able to think clearly because there are too many things to consider is very common. JRI Consulting recognizes that any good business decision must make sense to the CEO, COO and CFO. They also understand that one person cannot always play all three roles. JRI will help you determine the best choices for your business.

Details We Manage

  • Defining specific goals
  • Managing cash flow
  • Team building
  • Navigating growing pains
  • Developing and mentoring sales forces
  • Questioning assumptions
  • Training employees
  • Budgeting
  • Break-even accounting
The responsibility of any C Level executive is to drive action to get results. JRI can help.

Your Next Steps

  1. Move from reactive to strategic planning
  2. Analytical decisions based on metrics
  3. Make sense of operational and financial results
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