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Running a stable business takes more than one person, however, a lot of business ventures start with one person. As a business grows, it can be overwhelming or even impossible to always make the best decisions and do the right things at the right time, the business problems can out-pace the human skills available to solve them.


You are at this point if you any of the following sound familiar:

  • Everything is a priority
  • You are delaying actions that could increase sales
  • You are hesitant to delegate
  • Deeper analysis of performance and objectives is overdue
  • Short-term thinking is getting shorter and shorter


No doubt, you’ve heard the term ‘in the weeds’. Most business owners spend at least some time in this uncomfortable place. Having a purposeful, informed direction will enable you to steer clear of the weeds and stabilize your business, setting it on a course to meet the challenges at the next level. Navigating and charting this course may require help. We bring pragmatic experience, a history of results and a willingness to go way beyond talk.

Subjects We Cover

  • Setting priorities
  • Creating performance metrics
  • Identifying growth objectives
  • Hiring / Firing
  • Analyzing P&L statements
  • Getting the most out of your people
  • Interacting with a board
  • Managing bank and investor relations
It sometimes takes an outside view to truly see your business. Read Customer Testimonials.

Your Next Steps

Convert your angst to energy. Take action.

  1. Accept that the current chaos is an opportunity
  2. Push the “pause” button for just a moment to get oriented
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