Hands-On Coaching

Our goal is to demonstrate our proven process of analysis, solution identification and plan execution so well that we work ourselves out of a job. Our aim is to step in, teach you the skills and give you the tools to succeed in your C-Level role and then step away.
Advance your executive skills

Subjects We Cover

  • Setting priorities
  • Creating performance metrics
  • Identifying growth objectives
  • Hiring / Firing
  • Analyzing P&L statements
  • Getting the most out of your people
  • Interacting with a board
  • Managing bank and investor relations

Interim C-Level Executive

In some situations, clients need and request that JRI play an active role as CEO, CFO, or COO. Whether it be for leadership, financial discipline or operational expertise, JRI can focus in on the problems and implement a plan that delivers results.
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Details We Manage

  • Defining specific goals
  • Managing cash flow
  • Team building
  • Navigating growing pains
  • Developing and mentoring sales forces
  • Questioning assumptions
  • Training employees
  • Budgeting
  • Break-even accounting


Sometimes, finding or replacing that key position for a CEO is really hard to do. You might not have the time, ability or stomach to deal with the situation.
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Areas of Expertise

  • Manage the recruiting process
  • Job descriptions & expectations
  • Performance compensation planning
  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities

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