From Strangers to Business Partners

Author:  Sarah E. Needleman

Source:  The Wall Street Journal, November 20, 2011

Sometimes an entrepreneur has a great idea for a business, but is objective enough to recognize that he doesn’t have all of the required talents to launch the venture on his own.  Here’s an interesting article about using social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to find a potential partner.

Concerned about his job security and unable to find a new position, Martin Luther Simms IV recently decided to pursue an idea he had for an Internet business. But the venture he envisioned required certain talents he lacked.

Mr. Simms, a finance professional, says he didn’t have any friends or relatives who could help out. He also couldn’t afford to hire someone with the Web-design skills his start-up idea demanded. So the 23-year-old began searching for a potential partner and found Grant Miller.

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