Hiring Cost Higher in Manufacturing

Author: Lauren Weber

Source: The Wall Street Journal, November 28, 2011

Everybody know that simply posting a job listing on Monster or craigslist is not the best way to attract top talent.  However, for small businesses, traditional recruiting methods may price themselves off of the options list.  Certain industries have licensing or accreditations which make the screening process easier, but more difficult in manufacturing as very specific skills are required.

Large firms see a significant scale advantage when it comes to recruiting costs per new employee, according to a study from Bersin & Associates, a human-resources advisory firm.

Companies with more than 10,000 employees world-wide pay a median figure of $1,949 per hire, compared with midsize companies, which pay $3,632, and small firms, which pay $3,665.

Because small and medium-sized organizations tend to have fewer dedicated recruitment employees, they often have to outsource hiring, which “can be very expensive,” says Josh Bersin, chief executive and president of Bersin & Associates.

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