Fine-Tuning the Perfect Employee

Author: Lauren Weber

Source: The Wall Street Journal, December 5, 2011

Start making the investment now in having the right processes in place to build and grow your team.  As people retire or move on, you need to know how you’re going to build the next generation of people running your business–so get started now.

Faced with a dearth of skilled labor, more companies are taking employee education into their own hands.

Unemployment figures are high, but finding workers with the right skills for the job—especially for highly specialized roles such as power plant technicians or laboratory chemists—remains a big challenge, many firms say. In a survey from Lloyd’s, the British insurance concern, U.S. executives considered lack of skilled workers one of the greatest risks their companies faced in 2012, second only to loss of customers.

So rather than wait for the perfect candidates to walk through the door, companies have decided to school their in-house staff or train new hires who may lack the exact skills they were looking for.

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