JRI Consulting had corporate training and experience and an entrepreneurial hands-on experience all wrapped into one team.

-CEO, Distribution Company



JRI Consulting appeared to be intuitive of my needs and desires and seemed to have the ability to anticipate what needed to happen.

-CEO, Web Portal Marketing Company


I felt like I could trust JRI Consulting. JRI is very straightforward and their references echoed their words.

-Owner, Restaurant


JRI Consulting provided me with the horsepower to get things done that I couldn’t get done with my existing staff.

-CEO Distribution Company



The JRI Consulting team asked great questions.

-CEO, Information Technology Start-Up


I’m leaving the company at the end of February.  I would be leaving sooner, but I agreed to set up the passage door plant before I left.


The phrase “I never could have done it without you” is 100% true.  You took me from a millwright to a plant manager, and then a business owner.

Thanks so much for everything.


-Owner, phasing himself out of Manufacturing Business



JRI Consulting, LLC