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The number #1 reason to focus

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Author: Seth Godin Source: Seth’s Blog You will care more about the things that aren’t working yet, you’ll push through the dip, you’ll expend effort and expose yourself to fear. When you have a lot of balls in the air, it’s easy to just ignore the ones that make you uncomfortable or that might fall. […]

The $4 Million Complaint Call

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Author: Ron Burley Source: Inc. Sometimes, it’s less about the “customer is always right” than that the customer should always be satisfied.  Being sure to communicate to your customers that you will do what it takes to leave them satisfied can have unexpectedly high value.  In business, we’re often all about the numbers–occasionally to a […]

‘Pivoting’ Pays Off for Tech Entrepreneurs

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Author:  Lizette Chapman Source:  The Wall Street Journal, April 25, 2012 Being able to “turn on a dime” when the product or service of an entrepreneurial venture doesn’t turn out to be the success its promoters had expected has become a vital skill.  The idea is to use the “failure” of one concept, learn why […]

“Grain of Sand in Your Shoe” Collections Process

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Author: Emily Maltby Source: The Wall Street Journal, November 14, 2011 Everybody seems short on cash these days, but when one company pays a bill late, it often begins a domino effect of late payments.  The article below describes a method that I recommend to all my clients which I refer to as the “Grain […]

When ‘Decision Fatigue’ Frazzles Your Small Business Brain

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Do you often feel like you are being called upon to make decisions 24 hours a day?  If it’s not your customers, it’s your employees, your suppliers, your insurance representative, or somebody else who needs you to sign off on something.  Welcome to small business.  This article provides some helpful suggestions on how to increase […]

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