The $4 Million Complaint Call

Author: Ron Burley Source: Inc. Sometimes, it’s less about the “customer is always right” than that the customer should always be satisfied.  Being sure to communicate to your customers that you will do what it takes to leave them satisfied can have unexpectedly high value.  In business, we’re often all about the numbers–occasionally to a […]

7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on LinkedIn

Author:  Tom Searcy Source: Inc.  While LinkedIn is technically a social networking site, many of its users concentrate more on their professional sides than their personal ones.  LinkedIn, when used to its fullest potential, can be an immensely powerful tool, but very few people take full (or best) advantage of all it has to offer. […]

‘Pivoting’ Pays Off for Tech Entrepreneurs

Author:  Lizette Chapman Source:  The Wall Street Journal, April 25, 2012 Being able to “turn on a dime” when the product or service of an entrepreneurial venture doesn’t turn out to be the success its promoters had expected has become a vital skill.  The idea is to use the “failure” of one concept, learn why […]

Why Your Company Needs A Moving Start-Up Story

Author: Michael Michalowicz Source: Wall Street Journal, April 3, 2012 Employee “buy-in” is an often overlooked tools in a company’s arsenal to attract and retain committed employees.  Sure, pay and benefits deserve the main focus, but consider how a good “Start-Up Story” may help. I have an altar to Bruce Springsteen in my house. On […]

Five Steps for Giving Productive Feedback

Growing your people requires just as much attention as growing your customers.  I’ve always felt that if you give a review and someone is surprised, you aren’t doing your job as a manager. Author: Scott Halford Source: Entrepreneur Magazine, 2012 It can be a delicate process, but assessing a person’s progress can lead to improvement […]

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