What gets measured gets changed

I’m working with a raw milk, grass fed, dairy farm client on metrics for his organization.  He’s keen on developing Metrics to help run his organization—here’s some rules for you to use when creating metrics for your organization that I’ve developed from 20+ years and nearly 100 businesses that I’ve developed metrics for:   Five […]

Strategy: What is it, really?

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about strategy; it’s November and you’re supposed to think about strategy now.  Why?  Because I’m getting ready for next year.  But what is strategy, really?  I’ve heard people say, “We’re strategic thinkers.” What does that mean?  Are you shaping the future?  Making strategic decisions? I still didn’t quite get […]

It’s Not All About Price

It’s not all about price…   Accepting small promises Marketing is about making promises and then keeping them. The marketer comes to us and makes a promise. If we accept the promise, a sale is made. If we seduce ourselves into accepting small promises, we let everyone down. The small promises of a feature added […]

Loans for New Farmers

Loans for New Farmers.   I was recently asked what the difference was between getting a loan from a bank for a conventional farmer versus a new / local / organic / sustainable farmers….   1)      FEW or NO ASSETS. Asset backing is going to be an issue—Remember most conventional agriculture has serious assets (land, tractors and […]

New Detroit Farm Plan Taking Root

Author: Matthew Dolan Source: The Wall Street Journal One entrepreneur wants to take vacant lots in Detroit (which has lost many residential property owners recently) into a large-scale urban farm, designed to profit the city.  Can the epitome of “urban blight” become profitable agriculture? DETROIT—Three years ago, financial-services entrepreneur John Hantz proposed converting as much […]

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