About JRI

JRI brings two critical elements to any business; experience and action. Our team lives and breathes business, we are experts in process, detailed in our knowledge of financial statements and most important, we understand how to identify opportunity, drive change and measure specific financial results.

JRI Consulting’s experience is built on over 50 years of running real businesses and experiencing the same challenges any small business will need to solve. As a team, we’ve successfully met many of those challenges and have also learned a tremendous amount along the way of what NOT to do.

You can count on us to bring real value on day one.

Our 4 core values are centered around getting the right results.

  1. We’ve already walked several miles in your shoes and are prepared to run a marathon in them, beside you all the way. We experience your business first-hand by being there with you, taking ownership in the solution.
  2. We are straight talkers. We are not afraid to discuss sensitive issues which require discussion with “real” conversation, but we also know there is no time for talk without results.
  3. We get to work immediately. By rolling up our sleeves on day one, we familiarize ourselves with you and your business in order to best combine our experience and ideas with yours and to develop a plan to execute. Solutions require action.
  4. We share in the risk and reward by setting up compensation structure which emphasizes putting our “money where our mouth is”. Results are our goal.



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Our Team

Ted LeBow

I am a serial entrepreneur. In 1980, I bought my first tractor, signed my first loan with the Production Credit Association, and started waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the rain ruining my hay crop. I grew up in Idaho, on a 10-acre farm. My parents, a physician and professional educator, owned the property, rented it to me, cosigned on the loan(s), and the rest was up to me.

Over the last nearly 30 years, I’ve spent my life learning, growing and helping others learn from my experience. I graduated in 1989 from Cornell University School of Agriculture with a Business Management Degree.  I’ve run eight companies from $1MM in  to $50MM in annual sales, five of which I owned all or part of. I’ve worked in corporate America, in privately-owned, family-owned and private equity-owned companies, and for myself. I can honestly tell you each one has its own issues and problems, none any worse than the other, but through it all, I’ve always migrated back to small business, with a hard-driving entrepreneur at the helm.

For the last four years, I’ve run my own consulting practice focusing on small businesses from start-up to 50 employees. I’ve worked with over 50 companies.  I focus my energies on the following industries: Local Farming, Local Food, Manufacturing, Distribution and Technology Infrastructure companies.  I am an Entrepreneurs Best Nightmare—I help them over, under, through or around “opportunities”. 

I have four tenets:  1) I’ve walked a mile in  your shoes, 2) there’s no BS, 3) I’ll roll up my sleeves, 4) I can and will base 50% of my fees on your performance against plan.

I work in Five areas of a business: 1) Bookkeeping (yes it’s simple bookkeeping, not Finance), 2) Sales MANAGEMENT, 3) Marketing EXECUTION, 4) Opportunity Exploitation, 5) People Growth and Financial ALIGNMENT of the leadership team, or not.

What do I do?   I put myself in the entrepreneurs’ shoes.  I understand their pain and help them out of it. I start with profit and end with profit.  I want my clients to have sustainable businesses, I focus on the “business” part of the business and I make sure that the entrepreneur is taken care of too.

I live in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, am happily married for 24 years to my best friend, Jen, have three daughters, Jess, (20) a junior at Hamilton College, Becca (18) a senior in high school, Belle (14) a 9th grader and two dogs.  In my spare time, I’m an avid woodworker making natural edged furniture  (I cut down my own lumber), a closet farmer (I own two tractors and actually use them on two non-profit farms in Philadelphia), and am a fly fisherman (am building a drift boat).  I do pro-bono consulting for clients of  Untours Foundation http://www.untoursfoundation.org/ , am the past chairman of the Urban Industry Initiative http://uiiphilly.org/  (a Philadelphia Non-Profit committed to creating jobs in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods through manufacturing companies) and most recently have joined the board of PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture www.pasafarming.org) and Lundale Farms (www.lundalefarm.org), a 400-acre non-profit farm oasis in Chester County, PA.



Jennifer Brodsky
Associate, JRI Consulting

Jennifer’s passion for local food and farms began in 1998 with work on a small farm on the craggy coast of Inismore, Ireland. There, farmers grew astonishingly beautiful vegetables, celebrated by the community, in soil madeby the hands of settlers, from sand and seaweed dragged from the ocean’s edge.  She was hooked.  Jennifer brought her new-found passion for hand-grown food back to the Philadelphia area and became The Fair Food Farmstand’s first volunteer.

Jennifer’s expertise in sustainable food developed during 10+ years of hands-on experience on farms and in dynamic retail operations.  Her (paid) farming career began at the 138 acre Willow Creek Orchards, Montgomery County’s first certified organic farm, as the General Manager of the on-farm market, pick-your-own operation and community engagement.  She then moved on to lead the launch of Terrain at Styers as General Manager.  She oversaw the 10-acre plant nursery, home store and award-winning farm-to-table restaurant.  She also created innovative public programs and spearheaded the development of their workshops and special events, wedding/catering program and farmers’ market.  In 2010, she stepped into the newly created role of Chief Operating Officer for Greener Partners, and lead the non-profit farm-based organization in a time of tremendous growth.  Under her leadership, Greener Partners was awarded the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence for the successful revitalization of 130-acre Longview Center for Agriculture as a thriving farm, local food market and hub.






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