Time and talent are the most difficult resources to control. We can help you manage them to your greatest advantage.

Paying attention to details is what make a business succeed. No one is an expert at everything. Let our experienced team help you.

The JRI focus is action; we dig in, roll up our sleeves, ask critical questions, identify problems and execute solutions.

By taking the right steps and putting first things first, a company saves both time and resources, driving sustainable improvements.

Success can be difficult to achieve, especially in this economy. Joining forces with JRI will enable you to solidify your current business and identify opportunities to best position yourself for the future.

When Your Bottom Line Doesn't Reflect All Your Hard Work.

On a Regular Basis, You Find:

  • You don’t even know what your break-even is, let alone if you’re making money, and you worry if you can make payroll each week. (When you work 80 hours a week, you’d think you have more to show for it!)
  • Your suppliers and banker call periodically—you start to avoid their calls, wondering when the next shoe is going to drop.
  • You feel like you need to babysit your employees and wonder how you can get your people to understand the bigger picture.
  • You’re by yourself at the top of the mountain. Everyone thinks you should know what to do but you’re not sure which of the many routes you should take.
  • Your inbox has 200 emails in it—you’re so overwhelmed, you don’t know which to answer first — the ones from employees, customers, vendors or your banker.
  • Your sales are stagnant, and your sales force is all over the road; they’re doing a better job of selling you than the customer.

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Sound Familiar?

The JRI Consulting team knows these stories because we’ve been there ourselves and have helped dozens of business owners and CEOs through similar challenges. We can help you navigate your way to a healthier business.

50 Years of Know How – and counting…

The combined experience of the JRI team encompasses the full breadth of running and managing businesses of every kind.

From start-ups to established businesses, from those in growth mode to turnarounds, we’ve seen and done it all. We help CEOs develop strategies to reach their goals. Our expertise comes from having experienced the same challenges they face. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We quickly identify the most pressing issues and concentrate on the problem areas from cash flow and budgeting and executive growth plans to hiring and firing and managing employees to creating metrics to measure individual and company progress. Let us guide you to your goals.

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Kitchen Table Consultants

JRI Consulting has added a new branch to its business focusing on local food and farm businesses.  Our goal is simple: to help passionate farmers and food artisans build lasting, profitable, locally-focused businesses.  Click HERE for more information.

Specializing in

  • Hands-on one-on-one coaching
  • CSA and on-farm market development
  • Small business bookkeeping
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Community engagement

Real World JRI Examples

  • JRI took a 115 person company with $2.5MM in annual sales to 47 people with $3.7MM in annual sales in 18 months.
  • During an initial conversation, JRI provided a client with a break-even analysis in less than two hours that his accountant couldn’t get him to understand.
  • JRI helped a CEO who’d been in business 20 years wind down her business and negotiate with her creditors such that she walked away with no personal liabilities.
  • In under 60 days, JRI helped a CEO reduce a debt load over $2MM to under $500k.

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